2015 US electronic cigarette Show (Chicago Vapor World Expo 2014)


Show Description:
2015 US electronic cigarette Show (Chicago Vapor World Expo 2014)
Show time: 17-18 June 2015
Venue: Chicago Stephen Convention Center
Holding period: one year term
Organizers: TMG Inc., USA Reuters exhibition services company (RES)

Exhibition Details:
American TMG INTERNATIONAL announced Expo in Chicago electronic cigarettes with B2B meetings will be held in Chicago, Stephen Convention Center. Because of the gradual growth of global electronic cigarette market, more and more people use it to replace traditional tobacco. Chicago electronic cigarettes Expo is the response to this market demand, will host the first electronic cigarette industry in the United States and throughout the Americas Expo.
This exhibition by the famous American RES sponsored, emerging electronic cigarette market will be the focus of this exhibition, it brought together more than 200 electronic cigarette manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers from all countries of the world. The event is an excellent opportunity to showcase products of enterprises, to expand the market.

Smoke oil
Electronic cigarette
Authors and peripheral products

Application Procedure:
1, is scheduled to stand: exhibitors after receiving a project file, please fill out the attached “Application Form”, stamped fax to my Division. After registration, according to the organizers requested booth fee remitted to our account. Due to limited booth, set the “Application Form” and remittance (please specify “2015 US electronic cigarette Show”) passed to Division I in the order confirmation.
2, determine the booth: We will reserve requirements exhibitor booths, but save a slight adjustment or notice of a specific booth exhibitors authority to make decisions or make adjustments according to the organizers. If not paid within the specified time costs associated with its own, according to cancel participation, no refunds.
3, in order to facilitate the management, require all exhibitors will be accompanying to go. Exhibitors or persons accompanying study visa from Division I to handle unified. Registration enterprise basis having requested visas material. Visas risk, please arrange alternates enterprises to successfully complete the exhibition work.
4, or outside the enterprise itself for flights accommodation need to pay management fees 3,000 yuan / person.
5, please do not carry the exhibitors suspected of infringing intellectual property rights of exhibits exhibitors, otherwise all liability arising borne by the enterprises.


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