The first exhibition to Shenzhen electronic cigarette today is the last day on which three of the electronic cigarette on the show can be described as a sea of ​​people, more than 100 exhibitors to show their own unique not only brings the latest electronic cigarette, showing different functions have Bluetooth installed, gravity sensor, the flow is large wide-mouth, etc. Advanced Electronic cigarette atomizer. Also all show style corporate culture, there are smoking electronic cigarette big PK, there never want turntable, and sexy with high-end electronic cigarette can be described as wonderful constantly flooded. Three days of the time the show receivesimeiyue1-768x1024d more than ten thousand spectators to view exhibitions, the show won the overall rate of 98%, for the first time to host such a large professional electronic cigarette exhibition in China, which is rare, I believe After this time will be held in China show more electronic cigarette, e-cigarette market is a huge potential for Chinese stocks. The electronic cigarette is completed successfully held, has 300 million smokers indicates nearly one trillion electronic cigarette market capacity of Chinese market has erupted in an urgent situation.


Show time: 15-17 April 2015
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the 8th Hall
Booth: 8A28
1, China’s first self-developed electronic cigarette enterprises.
2, display and distribute the latest products, technologies and services
3, as the electronic cigarette industry in the post of vice president.
4, and the Canton Fair, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair echoes attract overseas buyers, and expand domestic and foreign influence

To thank our customers for simeiyue encouragement and support, but also to let more people in China to reduce the harmful effects of secondhand smoke, simeiyue specially organized a two-day micro-letter shake cheerful activity, who won first place as long as you can get Our free gift worth $ 800 power smy90 latest electronic cigarette customers a free trial electronic cigarette charm, finished second to get there is our free gift worth $ 500 Grand Master of electronic cigarettes.



An activity , live a passionate Bai Peng, the show people are brought together in this, but also presented the third bottle of smoke oil our best for everyone to experience this event two days sent out 5 smy90,, 1 big money Master, not counting the smoke oil, simeiyue generosity reputation has been recognized by the majority of the audience. These are enough to validate the simeiyue company has approached a major step forward, I believe in the future simeiyue electronic cigarette does not have to be a sensation in every corner of the world.



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