Deywel Mech Mod Ludovico

Smy patent e cig product ludovico mech mod with colorfull flower Stripe .stainless teel vapor pen style design .vapor life ,vapor love.

e cig ludovico feature:

1.The battery tube body is copper material,Strong conductivity,vaping fully.

2.Detachable mod ,bottom magentic fire.easy to use

3.the atomizer has rainbow and pyrex  tube  .it is capacity is 4ml

4.dual heating has adjustable  resistance.

5.strong Combination  , not easily out

e cig ludovico details :

         mech mod ludovico
length 96mm
input voltage 4.2V
output voltage 3.7V
battery 18650 ,2500mah
color black,red,blue
puff 1000
charging time 2.5hour
weight 275g
Package Size 63*87*123mm
certificate CE,ROHS

ludovico-mod5 ludovico-mod4 ludovico-mod2 ludovico-mod1 ludovico22


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