SMY eCola Mod

Simeiyue ecig brand pure vapor ecola

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Unique style ecigarette Ecola, which has the similar appearance with cola . With retractable atomizer system, you can just hide it in Ecola can when you don’t use it. 4000mah big battery capacity, which you can use to charge your other electronic devices. creative package. Huge vapor and no burning taste. So why not have a try!

Patent NO : 201330585809.1

Specification of ecigarette scola/ecola:

Model name Ecola
Brand Simeiyue
Atomizer capacity 1ml
Battery capacity 4000mah
Full batter can keep 18000puffs
Color package
Stickers available yes
Charge time 3-4 hrs
Other function mobile charger
MOQ 10 set

e cigarette Ecola picture:

Ecola-19 Ecola-20 Ecola-17 Ecola-05 Ecola-03 Ecola-06


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