The first exhibition of electronic cigarettes show

April 11, 2015, for a period of three days of the first China International specialized exhibition of electronic cigarettes come to an end. This exhibition packed, more than 100 exhibitors from different countries bring a variety of exclusively their own unique electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette on the show different functions have installed Bluetooth, gravity sensor, the flow is large wide mouth advanced electronic cigarette atomizers etc. 3 days time received more than ten thousand spectators to view exhibitions, show the overall favorable rate reached 98%, for the first time to host such a large professional electronic cigarette exhibition in China, which is rare, I believe in After this time China will organize more exhibitions electronic cigarette, electronic cigarette market is a huge potential for Chinese stocks.

  1ST VS (1)
Simeiyue Wyatt 6A71A-6A72A stand in three days time received more than 1500 spectators, according to rough statistics, tasting Simeiyue electronic cigarette oil number of visitors reached 699 people, most of the audience to think of the US Wyatt feeling electronic cigarette oil is “mellow taste real, big smoke, smoke close to the true, beautiful appearance.” The number of transactions during the exhibition site more than 100 orders, with the intention of reaching more than 40 customers, and there are more than 150 spectators left a business card, said the United States hopes to receive samples thought Wyatt attempt. Simei Wyatt’s aim is quality first, service-oriented. For each audience will certainly leave a message sent by one place we think of the US sample Wyatt for their taste.
Show next April 15-17, the Ibis US Wyatt Wyatt will take Simeiyue latest products and new features for everyone to enjoy the exhibition, including the likes of you, but also to bring more awards events, want to know what is it? Then remember to stand 8A28 Oh! Seats are limited and quickly come to it!



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