Variable voltage SCF1 battery

SMY Cfiber VAPE battery SCF1 pen is a high-tech glass fiber material using the battery, with three colors (red and silver) for selection.

SMY Cfiber vape pen battery SCF1

Scf-1 Features

Hot selling point:

1.with simple but elegant design

2.varaible voltage with three level: 3.5v(Red)-3.8(blue)-4.1v(white),can meet different customers’ demand

3.use high-tech glass fiber material,three colors(red blue silver)for option

4.innovative design on power button with sheild appearance

5.510 thread connector

6.with micro usb charger port at bottom-more convenient charging anytime

Exact Parameters:

    Diameter   Ф15mm
    Weight   36g
    Battery Length   99mm
    Input Voltage   3.4V/3.7V/Full Voltage
    Capacity   650mAh
    Battery life   300times
    Charging time   2H
    Battery   1
    Main material   brass
   Color   red/blue/silver

SCF-1 pictures:

scf1-8 scf1-7 scf1-5 scf1-3 scf1-2 scf1-1

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